Basic&Applied Dermatology Forum- Fall 2011

These programs are hosted by the Center for Dermal Research, at the Life Sciences Building, Rutgers Busch Campus. Each is free with registration- Join us 12:30-2:30 (presentation 1-2). We’ll send driving directions and a parking pass in advance- GPS will get you lost!

For Details and Registration:

September 27, 2011- “Patient-to-Patient Variability of Pharmacokinetics When Using Transdermal Drug Delivery” – Jules T. Mitchel, MBA, PhD, Target Health Inc. Click Here

October 11, 2011- “The New US Sunscreens Regulations”- David C. Steinberg, Steinberg and Associates Click Here

The Basic&Applied Dermatology Forum was founded in 1995 by Otto Mills, PhD, FCP, Adjunct Professor of Dermatology at the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. This ongoing series provides a platform for presentations by academic and commercial researchers, as well as practicing dermatologists, product developers, and licensing professionals.